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Using Your Autoresponder With The VLM

The VLM already supports no autoresponder at all, AWeber and GetResponse.

In theory every autoresponder available can be supported if the following features are supported by the autoresponder:

  1. Custom “Thank You” where the user is redirected to after subscribing.
    This page must be set to “thanks.php” on your VLM installation, e.g. This should be supported by almost every autoresponder.
  2. Custom “Confirmation Page” which redirects the user to the confirmed.php file on your server after he has clicked on the confirmation link in the email received from the autoresponder service. Furthermore it needs to support posting the user data back to your confirmation URL (either via HTTP GET or POST), because the VLM needs to know which user account has to be activated.

So that’s basically all. As far as I know most autoresponders do not allow posting the user data back to the confirmation page.

If you’d like me to create a plugin for your specific autoresponder that supports both features stated above that’s no problem. You just have to create a mailing list with your autoresponder where both the “Thank You” URL and the “Confirmation URL” point to so that I can both develop and test the code I have created.

After I’ve finished creating the plugin you can just delete the mailing list used for testing.

I appreciate your support – I’d love to support every autoresponder on the planet though I can’t promise to implement any specific autoresponder but I’ll do my best.

20 comments to Using Your Autoresponder With The VLM

  • Sascha, Thanks so much for doing this and doing your bit to undo stereotypes about Germans only wearing Lederhosen. Still you gotta love the Bavarians!

    Is there a way that we can edit the autoresponder so it captures the first name and possily other fields as well?

  • Sascha,
    Thanks for doing this. I will donate once I have money again.

    I was beginning to use
    Could a plugin be made for it??


  • I set up the Thank you page and confirmation page for testing on Mail Chimp.
    The sign up page is here for you:

  • Many thanks! I’ll look into it.

  • Vlad

    Sascha, thank you very much!
    I’d love to have the plugin for mailchimp too.
    No problem for me to donate for that

  • Sascha,

    This is great. You have really seized the opportunity here.

    I vote for Mail Chimp as well! I would have no problem donating when this integration is available. Can’t wait!

  • Brad

    Are there any plans to support a plugin for icontact?


  • Chris

    Hey Sascha,

    I was wondering if you could make a plugin for Listwire is a free autoresponder with all the bells as a normal paid autoresponder.


  • @Chris: I’ll look into it, thanks.

  • @Chris: Looks like doesn’t support a custom URL for the confirmation page, i.e. when the user clicks on the confirmation link in the email with the parameters being passed to the VLM.
    Unless it does VLM doesn’t know which account to activate.

  • nameo integration instructions would be helpful.

  • chris


    I think it does support a custom url, i’ll have a go to see if i can modify the aweber code into listwire and i’ll let you know.


  • chris

    I’ve just asked there support if they support the above.

  • chris


    When you create a form on it has Variable Pass-Thru and this is what the help says:

    “Unless you are an advanced user with programming experience, or have someone on staff who is familiar with accepting GET variables and using those values, you should set this option to “No”. This option allows you to use the values submitted by your subscribers, and have them passed to the URL set in the “Form Redirect URL” field through the GET method. If you didn’t understand that, you shouldn’t use this option. ;)

  • @Chris: Does this work for both the original sign-up AND confirmation link? I think it’s only available for the sign-up link and not for the confirmation link which is the most important one.
    Thanks Chris for checking this out :)

  • chris

    it work for both, thank you link and confirm link

  • chris

    If so far got the script sorted, but the only problem i have is what to put into here:


    $e = TM_Engine::getInstance();
    return array(
    ‘name’ => $e->getParam(‘name’, TM_Engine::TYPE_STRING),
    ‘email’ => $e->getParam(‘email’, TM_Engine::TYPE_STRING),
    ‘from’ => $e->getParam(‘from’, TM_Engine::TYPE_STRING),
    ‘meta_adtracking’ => $e->getParam(‘meta_adtracking’, TM_Engine::TYPE_INT),
    ‘meta_message’ => $e->getParam(‘meta_adtracking’, TM_Engine::TYPE_STRING),
    ‘unit’ => $e->getParam(‘unit’, TM_Engine::TYPE_STRING),
    ‘add_url’ => $e->getParam(‘add_url’, TM_Engine::TYPE_STRING),
    ‘add_notes’ => $e->getParam(‘add_notes’, TM_Engine::TYPE_STRING)



  • @Chris: I’ll look into it.

  • shamoon

    Hi Sascha,

    I love your software, thanks for the great giveaway!I was wondering, does your software have the option for me to view how many people each person has referred, or atleast the top 10 or 20 referrers. That would be a pretty cool add-on for people who might want to set contests.

    Please let me know if the option is already there.

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