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Feature Requests, Bugs And More

I’d like to get your input on new features, bugs that you’ve found and more. I can’t promise that I’m going to implement all of the features or that I’m going to make them available in version 1.0, but I’ll do my best.

I’m currently planning to create a version 2.0 with a lot more features which I might not make available for free anymore. But currently I’m not planning to pull VLM 1.0 off the market soon. And smaller improvements (especially support for more autoresponders) will surely make their way into version 1.

So it’s not the usual “give away something for free and everything else costs tons of money” ;)

What would you like to see? Appreciate your comments and suggestions (and bugs)

85 comments to Feature Requests, Bugs And More

  • This is a change to the functionality, but would make this system 1000% more valuable to myself, and I’m sure many others….

    Is there any way to add the functionality where the referral URL sends a user to my own opt in page, but when that person signs up the person who refers them still gets the referral credit?

    Does that make sense? It is basically splitting up users between people who want to refer traffic, and people who simply want to join my list. (People who join my list could become referrers later, but just not at the same time they initially join my list.)

    Feel free to shoot me an email if you want me to clarify what I am asking. I can see so much use for a system like this, especially in the music business, for example.

    It seems like a fairly small change that could make such a huge difference in how this system is used. Again, feel free to email me if I’m not being clear, or if you have any questions about what I am asking.

    Thanks Sascha!

  • How did you upgrade to 1.05? Did you download the update, unpack in and that installed it via the admin area?

  • This will be implemented with VLM PRO :)

  • Just installed 1.05 recently. Thank you Sascha! All set up and tested. However now when I go back into my admin area and click on the content button it starts to load then locks up and won’t load. I am using Firefox and all the other buttons work fine. I was just wanting to make some changes on a page or two. Any idea on what’s happening and how to solve it?

    Thank you,


  • Mike, which version of Firefox and which operating system are you using? Which addons are enabled in Firefox?
    I haven’t gotten any report like this before so it looks like a browser problem.

  • “This will be implemented with VLM PRO”

    Was that a response to my comment by any chance? :)

  • Hi Sascha,
    Of course, thank you for doing all this work and I very much look forward to seeing you next version!
    I am having a challenge here. In testing the VLM I have created a couple of temporary gmail accounts and when the second one puts in the address and password I get:
    “A server error has occurred. Please try again later. Got error code 0 from the server.”

    I cleared the cookies in case that could cause a conflict but to no avail.. .
    Can you please help?!
    USA -

  • @Joseph: I apologize for the problems you’re experiencing. This only happens on a few servers, but I’m going to release V1.06 soon that fixes this problem. For the time being just remove the line that begins with “

  • Hi Sascha,
    Thanks for the speedy response. Your note back seems to have gotten clipped?!?

    There’s no text after where you wrote:

    “For the time being just remove the line that begins with “ …………………?

    Can you please resend or feel free to send me an email?!? If you prefer, I’d also be happy to have you contact me via phone?!?..

  • Hi Sascha, Thanks for the speedy response. Your note back seems to have gotten cut off or clipped?!?

    There’s no text after where you wrote:

    “For the time being just remove the line that begins with “ …………………?

    Can you please resend or feel free to send me an email?!? If you prefer, I’d also be happy to have you contact by email or via phone whichever is easier for you?!?..

  • Marius

    Will be great if there will be a option to cancel the email that Virallistmachine send if we use an auto responder.
    So the user will receive only an email from the auto responder.

    Great work

  • Steve

    I’d like to request a way to recover admin credentials. My login stopped working after a month or so of having the software up and running and there was no way to recover anything. I requested a password reset, and of course since there is no input of the admin email address, there was nothing I could recover and everything was lost. Losing data after a bunch of work was the reason I switched to using your software over GCLM and now it’s happened again.

  • Steve

    It’s happened again. I reinstalled the software and am getting the same error when I try to login as admin:

    You’re not logged in. Click here to login now: LOGIN

    I input the admin details and it is taking me in circles.

  • @Steve: I apologize for the problems you’ve experienced. Creating a new admin password is a feature to be included in VLM PRO.
    However, during installation of the VLM you actually have to mark a checkbox which says that you’ve written down the credentials, otherwise you cannot proceed. I strongly encourage everyone to do it.
    As you may have seen security is very strong in the VLM – you cannot even set the admin user name or password yourself so I’m making sure no weak passwords are used for the admin user and there are 9000 possible admin login names as well making is almost impossible to hack the system except by using brute force attacks which the VLM is guarded against in some way as well.
    There is however a way to create a new password in the database. If you have access to the database with phpMyAdmin I’d appreciate if you’d get back to me so I can give you some more information on how to achieve that.

  • @Steve: There are some possible reasons for this:
    a) the browser you’re using does not accept cookies
    b) the PHP system is misconfigured and/or using the wrong or write-protected directory for session files
    c) an error in the VLM

    I’m sorry, but without any detailed information (server software, web host, PHP version, PHP extensions etc.) I’m unable to help you in this case as the problem just doesn’t occur on my systems.
    Could you please give me some more detailed information about your server so that I can look into it? You can also send this via email to info AT this domain.

  • Steve

    The copy link button in the members section is not showing up in Firefox. I am running the most current version.

    It shows up in IE 8 though.

  • Hi Sascha
    My name is David,I first contacted you about 5 weeks ago via your blog complementing you on completing the VLM, great stuff.
    Sascha, I need to make a custom design of the landing page to maximize conversions. Your instructions on the blog are great but when my designer tried to customize as we wish she could not modify/move/or get the signup form to look like our desired design. I have sent an email to you showing the design I want to implement
    I am willing to pay you 100USD to customize this for me. I have a tight deadline so please respond to me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance. David

  • @Steve: I’ll look into it and get back to you. I apologize for the delay – had to reinstall Windows and still not back to normal.

  • @Steve: The copy link button is invisible by design in Firefox because it doesn’t support this feature out-of-the-box. It would work via Flash though but I’m not a Flash developer and all of the code I’ve found so far in Flash has an incompatible license. I’ll definetly look into it and see if I can get it to work.

  • Hi there.

    What about implement UTF-8 codification for text on web and messages? I tried to put it manually on htmlo code, but don’t work

    This is my feedback

    Cnggratulations for this work!

  • @Valentin: Thanks for the feedback. I apologize for the problems you’ve had with the VLM. The ViralListMachine uses UTF-8 encoding almost everywhere. Do you have some examples for me so that I can look into the problems you’re facing?

  • Hi Sascha, thanks for answer. Look at this:

    Al lthe ext are “destroyed” if have accent. also happen the same on admin area in comment, and email configuration.

    I can´t send here a screenshot.


  • David


    Thank you for making this and giving it away.

    However, as it stands right now, I see why it is free. It is basically useless to most marketers and I’ll tell you why.

    That opt-in box and bar across the top of the screen is absolutely horrendous. They both take up so much room and the opt-in rates will undoubtedly plummet due to asking for a password.

    However, if I could use my regular squeeze page the way it is set up right now, this would be immensely valuable. In fact, it would be the only way this software would be of any value to me. Frank Kern used it in his latest campaign for “Triple Your Income” Too bad he didn’t release that script, the one I could make use of.

    Also, there needs to be some way for the referral link to show up on the thank you page.

    And a “tell-a-friend” script on the thank you page would be perfect for this sort of thing. Maybe also some social media options.

    But most importantly, we have to be able to use our squeeze pages without asking for a password. You can just as easily generate a random one for them, no need to ask for it.

    If you can program this for me soon, I will pay you for it.



  • @David: Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry that it doesn’t fit your particular usage, but please keep in mind that most of what you’re complaining about is just the same in Frank Kern’s original Good Karma List Machine which is why I have inlcuded it in this software. The ViralListMachine is not a general-purpose content management system but made up specifically the way it is. You can customize the look and feel of the complete system by creating your own themes and/or by directly changing the HTML teplates as described in this article: I’m sorry that it doesn’t fit your needs but I can tell you that most of this is already planned for VLM PRO.

  • Hi Sascha, I posted on the other post but I realise this is the one that is happening right noW!
    First of all thank you for developing all this.And it seems like David really doesn’t like it huh? /;-)

    I have a little problem implementing the script:
    I have installed it in hostgator and used aweber.
    My problem is that clicking the link in the aweber confirmation email gets me a “forbidden” message…rather than the confirmed.php page.

    I have already checked with aweber…and with my host…just not quite sure what that would be down to because the page on its own comes up.

    Do you have a quick fix for this?
    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

  • @Stephan: I hope you noticed that I also replied to your post on the other article :) Accessing doesn’t show any “Forbidden” message. Did you make sure to enter this URL in AWeber?

  • Hi Sascha, just wanted to let you know that clicking on “check for updates” on system information page goes to “Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.” Since I’m running 1.05, how can I upgrade to 1.06?

  • Nevermind, I figured it out! The “check for updates” link on the system information page does go to “Not Found – Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here”, just so you know. No big deal!

  • Steve

    I sent you an e-mail about Easy Video Player code being cut off in the wysiwyg editor. Your feedback is appreciated and it’s something you should look into for VLM Pro.

  • David

    @Sascha and @Stephan… it’s not that I don’t like it. It’s that the system has flaws in it that make it inoperable… yes, these are the same flaws that were in Frank Kern’s list machine. But why make a new system without fixing the biggest flaws? Mainly it’s the bar at the top and the need for a password that don’t work for me. And any marketer who knows what he’s doing is not going to settle for these things on his squeeze page.

    1) It would be insanely easy to remove the bar at the top, right? There isn’t even a reason for it being there, it doesn’t serve any purpose.

    2) And wouldn’t it also be easy to generate a random password for each user in order to avoid needing to take a password on the squeeze page?

    3) Also, putting the referral link on the thank you page would be very easy for any programmer. I find this to be necessary for this system to be effective.

    Then I could go ahead and customize the whole thing and it would be perfect. I would recommend it to everybody I know.

    I’m excited for VLM Pro if you can’t make these changes in the free version. Though, I am disappointed that I need to wait, I was hoping to implement this now.

  • @David: I appreciate your feedback and comments and I understand that the ViralListMachine contains some features you regard as flaws. This is your standpoint which many people will surely agree to.
    However, please accept that this is a free system where you don’t have to pay a single dollar to use it.
    By complaining about features in this version and asking me to “fix it” for free for you although this is planned for VLM PRO please don’t expect that I am going to do it.

    1) This is explained here:

    2) Yes, it would be easy to create a random password but not everybody wants to have it that way. So I’d need to make available an option in the admin area which allows users to choose between requiring a password and not requiring a password.
    Also two different templates would have to be used and the script that posts the submit form would have to be modified as well. VLM PRO will also never remove any features VLM has – it will just allow the user to choose from several different (and new) options – just keep in mind that some people might think that allowing the user to choose a custom password he can remember is much more useful than generating a random password for him he can’t even memorize. So in that case a page to change the password would be helpful in the user’s login area.
    Every design has its advantages and disadvantages.

    3) Yes, that would be easy but if you have seen Frank Kern’s GKLM video you might have noticed that he explicitly wants to only have confirmed double-opt-in customers. You probably don’t want to give away your free stuff to people who have given an invalid email address and thus are useless on your list. And I think the same way. That’s why I didn’t change this in the VLM.
    In VLM PRO you can choose between both options (i.e. single opt-in and double-opt-in).
    Once again this means not removing or changing an option but giving the user the choice to select what he thinks is best.

    Once again thank you for your feedback. I hope I made clear why I have implemented the VLM the way I did and why I haven’t changed some features.

    If you have any further feature requests please do not hesitate to tell me so that I can consider them for inclusion in VLM PRO.

  • Steve M.


    Can you please address the issue of the editor cutting off video player script code. I’ve sent you a couple of emails about it and would appreciate knowing what’s can be done.

  • @Steve: Sorry for not getting back to you but it’s already on my list. Looks like SWF video players only cause problems, FLV video players don’t seem to have the problem. I recommend using the free FLV player available here: You only need to convert your video to Flash Video (FLV) before.

  • Allan

    Hey it would be nice if we could place the sign up form anywhere we want. For example I would like to put the sign up form in a popup on my blogs so that way I could generate sign ups from many different sources and it would automatically post to the script installation wherever it is installed. See my point? Right now I need to redirect them to the site where the sign up form is at instead of catching the optin and having them go to thank you page on the fly.

  • Hi Sascha,
    Great product! but some suggestion: Is there an easy way to capture First_name Last_name when someone signs up? I want to subscribe people to my main mailing list with Aweber, but I realise I will only capture their email address using the Aweber plugin. Perhaps for 2.0/PRO you can add some way to use custom fields from my Aweber form?

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