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Feature Comparison ViralListMachine vs. Good Karma List Machine (GKLM)

I just thought I’d put this up for you to see that the ViralListMachine actually has more features then Frank Kern’s Good Karma List Machine. The VLM is not “based” on the GKLM, it is a completely independent product that I have developed – it doesn’t use a single line of code from the GKLM.

So don’t hesitate – download the ViralListMachine – It’s Free!

18 comments to Feature Comparison ViralListMachine vs. Good Karma List Machine (GKLM)

  • Carney

    I just wanted to thank you again, and let you know how much so many of us really appreciate the hard work you’ve put in!

    I’d recommend throwing up a paypal button of some sort so people can send you a small ‘donation’ as they see fit, to thank you for your work… I’d gladly throw a few dollars your way!

  • Thanks :) I’ve been asked before how much it would cost to remove the “Powered by…” link.
    I understand that you should always use the least amount of distraction possible on a signup/sales page and a “Powered by” link could lead the user to click on it and “forgetting” that he wanted to purchase the product or to signup, respectively.

    After some thinking I had a specific amount in mind but just while I was in the process of creating that payment button on the PayPal website you wrote this comment.

    Then I thought why not allow every VLM user to remove the attribution link if he donates an amount he deems appropriate with no minimum amount required.

    And that’s what I did so if you’d like to remove the link or just send me some money feel free to donate any amount you deem appropriate :)

    Thank you everybody for your great support, help and encouragement!

  • B M

    Do you have a way to convert from an existing GKLM installation to VLM?

    Also, I had sent you an email a while ago offering to help integrate w/infusionsoft but the email bounced back to me.

  • To convert from GKLM to VLM which is a completely diffferent product from the source code you would need a converter which does not currently exist because of a completely diferent database structure.
    I just had a look at the database structure and GKLM code. – as GKLM uses hashes for passwords with a “salt” just like the VLM does it is not possible to decrypt the user’s passwords in GKLM and to re-encrypt them in the VLM without “brute force” (testing any possible password for each user until one has been found).

    I appreciate your help – just send an email to info @ this domain – that should work :)

  • Jeremy Reeves


    Looks like a great piece of free software. I downloaded it but before I watch the videos (I’ll do that tomorrow)…can I use this with iContact?

    Jeremy Reeves

  • The VLM can only work with autoresponders which it supports – currently AWeber and GetResponse are supported with InfusionSoft in the pipeline.
    If I’d get some help with iContact a plugin should be easy to create – just look here to see what’s required:

  • Jeremy Reeves

    Awesome, thanks!

    I’ll do that today and send you the link :)

  • Jeremy Reeves

    Hey again…actually…I was going to do a single-optin list for what I’m doing.

    Would it be able to support that?


  • The upcoming Version 2 (“Pro”) is going to support that. But I can’t give you any date yet, sorry, but I’m thinking about a Q2/2010 release date.

  • Anthony

    Is there a way to use a custom webform in this program?

  • @Anthony: This will be possible with VLM PRO.

  • Jason

    is it possible to capture the password field data into autoresponder?

  • Allan

    When is the PRO version coming out? I don’t want to set things up with the current version if next week you have the pro ready.

  • Jesse Cannone

    I too would LOVE this if it worked with Infusionsoft…I’ll even pay you to get it done…

    Please let me know…. thanks.

  • Is there a way to use a custom webform in this program?

  • Karl

    Hello Sascha,

    did you stop the development of VLM?

    No Pro version at all?

    I can’t log in any more.

  • Evand

    Guys, Ive downloaded the system but Im affraid it works for only one reward, correct me if I am wrong and I believe the PRO version until now was not released.

    Plase let me know if there is any update here


  • @Evand: It works only for one reward because that is how it’s intended. The PRO version has not been released because I’ve stopped developing it.

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